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A charitable social enterprise putting Mental Health into conversation.

Who is Stand With Me?

Our Objectives

 Stand With Me is a charitable social enterprise with five key fundamental objectives:  

 -Eradicate the stigma
-Reach back to anyone reaching out
-Increase awareness and improve education
-Promote self-help  
-Save lives

Stand With Me aims to offer non-clinical solutions that promotes the freedom to talk about mental health issues.
There are thousands of people who are willing to listen, and thousands more who need to talk, it is in the hands of those with experience of Mental Health issues to put these people in the same place.

Stand With Me is that place and exists for anyone who may be seeking advice and support both pre and post-diagnosis.


The Problems We Face

  1 in 4 people experience a Mental Health issue, yet Mental Health research receives only 5.5% (£115 million) of total UK health research spending meaning that Mental Health services in the UK are overstretched, have long waiting times and in some regions lack specialist services. However, the major issue is that public spending is focused almost entirely on coping with crisis, with only an insignificant investment in prevention

     We believe crisis is too late and that people need support earlier.

Stand With Me is here to provide support.

- 9/10 people feel that there is a stigma surrounding Mental Health issues, limiting their willingness to talk.

Stand With Me is here to talk

-A common misconception is that mental health issues are only dealt with through medication and counselling, when there is a vital requirement for a parallel plan of action for recovery.

Stand With me is here to help you.

Mental Health issues are widely misunderstood despite their prominence. The lack of education at a young age, and a lack of awareness as people grow through life is a leading factor to the difficult situation that Mental Health services are under and it is now in the hands of those with direct experience and understanding to help in raising awareness and improve education.
Stand With Me is here to educate.

Our Vision

  - For ideas and help to be shaped by people who are experiencing or have experienced Mental Health issues. This means that everything that Stand With Me does is relevant to the people it is designed to aid.
- To use events, campaigns and programmes and targeted talks to increase awareness. We aim to proactively create change by going into schools and workplaces to do workshops to improve education and increase awareness about Mental Health issues. We also aim to showcase events throughout the year that give everyone the opportunity to get involved and can help us raise vital funds to aid our mission.

 - To give anyone in need the ability to TALK; wherever, whenever. Just like Shakira. This is attainable through offering details of mental health services in cities and towns across the UK, but also through using events, fundraisers and eventually designing an app that can be downloaded by anybody to speak to other people who are willing to listen to them.


The Stand With Me Story

Stand With Me is everything other than an over-professionalised, impersonal company. In fact, it is the culmination of many peoples' genuine experiences with mental health channelled into one project, by me, Adam. I'm a young geezer from the Midlands, who now lives in Scotland who's had a lot of struggles with adverse mental health. I wrote a blog (link below) to help me express my struggles with Depression and that opened my eyes to see how difficult a situation so many people are in. The responses I received to many of my posts made me feel a real drive to do something to make a change. I passionately believe that the way society see's mental health needs to change, and I believe that with the help of others, I can put that change into action.
Through some hard work, a lot of research and my own experience, I believe Stand With Me will succeed, but I need you to Stand With Me too. Get involved, donate, share posts, share campaigns, give me advice, do whatever you are willing to do. This isn't just a one man band, it's a very young orchestra that's only got a second-rate guitarist at the moment.
Let's do this. 


Help Our Cause - DONATE

Your support and contributions will enable us to meet our five key goals and create change. 

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Our support

Feeling under the weather? Talk to us.

We're here to help.

Stand With Me offers personal non-clinical support for early stage mental health issues. The personal support offered is orientated around you, but requires teamwork. Stand with us and we will stand with you.
Speaking about your mental health is never easy, but this is the first step. Feel free to drop us a line and tell us who you are, and a little bit of background about your situation. The more information you can provide, the more we can work with you to help. 

Opening Hours

Feel free to contact us at any time. 24/7

Adam's Blog

feeling under the weather? talk to us

If you're having a tough time and need someone to talk to, then please get in touch. Speaking about your mental health isn't always easy, but it is important. Take the first step and stand with us.