Direct Support

Speak Out

Stand With Me offers direct non-clinical support to anyone who suffers with mental health issues, whether it is diagnosed or not. If you're feeling low or feel that you're mental health is suffering. Everybody needs someone and we have an open message line ready for you to speak to via Facebook, Email or Twitter. We're here 24/7 so please get in touch. It's free, it's personal, and it's informal.

We don't want your money, we only want your time. All we ask of you is to speak out if you're not feeling great, no matter the size of the issue. 

Stand With Me Guarantee

Whilst we aim to give you our utmost support, along with a number of possible resources that can help you get your mental health back on track. Sometimes, as a non-clinical organisation, we need to refer you to other services that are better suited to you. We will give you everything we possibly can, but in these instances, Stand With Me will guarantee to find you assistance from other more suitable organisations or options local to you and signpost you to them as quickly as we can. 

Talking is Always the Answer

Suicide is the biggest killer of men in England and Wales, and has risen by 8% in Scotland in the last year alone.  

It affects so many people (1 in 4 to be exact), and we know its not easy to talk. But we are here and our personal support is direct, informal and tailored for you. Don't suffer in silence, send us a message.

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